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Sacrum To Skull: A Brain-Based Approach To Back Pain
Sacrum To Skull: A Brain-Based Approach To Back Pain

Sun, Aug 11



Sacrum To Skull: A Brain-Based Approach To Back Pain

Learn a brain-based approach to addressing back pain. *Recording will be available

Time & Location

Aug 11, 2024, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM MDT


About the event

Did you know 90% of people with low back pain have no diagnosable problem with their spine? Additionally, among people with significant cervical degeneration, only 10% experience pain. This is because pain is an output created by the brain and is based on perceived threat.  That does not mean your pain is not real! But it does mean your brain better inputs that reduce it's prediction of threat. In this workshop you will learn a variety of ways to do exactly that!

Lecture Topics:

  • A brief crash corse in the threat neuromatrix
  • Non-biomechanical factor that contribute to back pain
  • The importance of having differentiated proprioceptive maps for reduction of threat and pain.
  • The role that your visual and vestibular systems play in back pain

Physical Practice:

  • How to use opposing joints to reduce pain
  • Motor control exercises and spinal mobility techniques for joint individualization and stability
  • Muscle mapping techniques to clarify blurry motor maps
  • Neuro-drills (not spine specific techniques) to reduce overall pain 
  • Spinal decompression techniques

This is a 3 hour workshop.  We will take a 5-10 minute break between lecture and practice to come up for air. 

There will be a recording available to rewatch and practice with.


  • If you have chronic back pain, you may have to limit the amount of physical practice that you participate in so you do not overload your brain and body.  You can rewatch the recording to try different techniques at a later time to modulate your level of activity.
  • If you have an acute back injury with a diagnosis, like a recent slipped disk etc. Then it is advised that you follow through with the prescribed PT exercises from your dogtor until you are not in such acute pain before participating in this workshop.  It will be available on my webste to purchase later on when you are stablized.
  • Any other questions can be directed to


  • Sacrum To Skull Workshop

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