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The health of your body is governed by the health of your organs and gut.  For many people, the holidays are marked by over indulgence in rich foods, alcohol and sugar.  This can tax your organs and create inflammation in your intestines.
Join Anna for a unique class focused on mobilizing and hydrating your viscera.  After a brief lecture on abdominal anatomy, we will begin with floor-based somatic movments to gently glide, traction and loosen the fascia of your belly. Then we will practice a sequence of yoga asana designed to promote the continued flow of blood, lymph and waste elemination through your belly.  In the last 30-minutes of class, you will learn self-massage tecniques for your organs and intestines and end class with a warm castor oil compress during savasana.

Abdominal Reset Workshop

  • Upon purchase of this product, you will receive an order confirmation containing a link to watch the recording of this workshop.  The recodring is not downloadable.

  • There are no refunds or returns for this product.

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