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Functional Range Assessment (FRA)

Service Description

A Functional Range Assessment is the first step in creating a training program that will address the specific needs and deficits of your mobility. Whether you can't raise your arm without pain or you an an athlete that wants to access new ranges of performance in your body, and FRA is crucial in knowing what needs to be addressed first. In this 90 minute session, we'll go over the history of your body and the different factors that may be contributing to your present state of mobility and we will discuss your movement goals. Then I'll perform an analysis of each major joint in your body to see if you have passive ranges and active ranges through each joint. From there I design a training plan to address any deficiencies that we found and to move you towards your movement goals.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations or reschedule requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance to receive a refund or credit. Late cancellations will be charged the full cost of the appointment.

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