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What you will learn in this class:
  • What proprioceptive maps are, how they become blurry and how blurry maps increase your brains threat level.
  • The basics of proprioceptive neurology.
  • Sensory inputs to clarify your brains sensory maps.
  • Functional mobility drills to clarify your brain's motor maps (upper body).
  • Functional Range Conditioning techniques to improve your active mobility (upper body).
  • Simple and quick routines for your upper body that you can practice daily to move better and eliminate pain.
This class is 90-minutes and will cover the following areas of the body:
Nov 4th: Upper Body (fingers/hands/wrists/elbows/scapula/glenohumeral joints/thoracic and cervical spine)

Proprioceptive Mapping (Upper Body)

  • Upon purchase of this product, you will receive an order confirmation containing a link to watch the recording of this workshop.  The recodring is not downloadable.

  • There are no refunds or returns for this product.

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