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Meet Anna

Functional Mobility Specialist & Applied Neurology Coach

Anna is a functional mobility specialist and neuro-coach based in Santa Fe, NM. Her classes and individual training sessions weave together a unique combination of Functional Range Conditioning, Applied Neurology, Yoga and meditation. Her path as a teacher is in service of helping others to heal their nervous systems, move with increased functionality, develop embodied awareness and experience more ease in their bodies and minds.

No session with Anna is ever the same.  She works with individuals to address their specific needs and work towards their unique goals.  All of the modalities and training methods that she uses are focused on helping her clients become more functional humans. 

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What is
Applied Neurology &
Functional Mobility?

Applied Neurology is brain training. Your brain is involved in everything you do, feel and think. In an Applied Neurology session, we take a basic assessment of your brain's functions.  Then we practice specific techniques that provide positive stimuli to your brain. When your brain experiences positive inputs, it generates positive outputs in the form of increased sense of ease, greater range of motion, less pain, better balance and more.

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is a comprehensive joint training system designed to improve your mobility, rehabilitate and strengthen your joints and improve physical performance.  With this type of training, our goal is to cultivate and increase the function of your body so you are able to use it in all of the ways that you want, without pain.

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