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Beyond Parkinson's

All of the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, such as muscle rigidity, tremors, poor balance and movement coordination challenges are outputs of the nervous system.


With applied neurology, we can target specific brain structures, neurological pathways and sensory systems to work directly with the nervous system and change those outputs for the better.

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Joe Anderson

I was diagnosed with PD in 2016.  In an effort to not let the disease define me, I decided to fight back.  My path practicing yoga with Anna began in 2017 and then we introduced neuro training in 2020.  The effects were immediate and positive. I find the vestibular and visual drills the most impactful. As I continue this journey, I am glad Anna is "riding shotgun" with me.


Gary Oakley

Anna's techniques for brain health have been extraordinarily therapeutic for my Parkinsons.  By using respiratory, balance and vision drills, along with simple stretching exercises, she helps me to calm my brain.  She also gives me strategies to work on at home or in my daily life. 

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About Anna

Neuro coach & functional mobility specialist

After over a decade of teaching yoga and meditation, Anna began studying Applied Neurology in 2020 to help her combat the negative symptoms of a brutal auto immune disease called Systemic Lupus.  The techniques she learned were more effective for reducing her chronic joint pain then pain medicine!  She then began incorporating these new skills with her clients and over the years has honed in on specific techniques to help her clients living with PD.

Anna is familiar with the despair and frustration that can come with having a chronic disease. She hopes to empower her clients with skills to regain some control over how they feel and perform on a daily basis by working with their brain.

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